Our Courses

SafeStack Training specializes in bringing security skills to all parts of our application development community. From first steps, to technical deep dives… we have a range of courses to suit every role and part of our development life-cycles.

Security for Software Developers (2 days, foundation level)

Understand, identity and avoid common software security vulnerabilities in your code.

Security for Software Testers (2 days, foundation level)

Understand, identify and test for common software security vulnerabilities in manual and automation testing environments.

DevOps security in action (2 days, Intermediate level)

Integrate security practices into fast paced DevOps environments without compromising on speed.

Application Security for Security Professionals (2 days, foundation level)

Get hands on with application security and learn how to work with application developers to build security into their world.

Security for API/Microservice Architectures (2 days, Intermediate level)

Examine some of the specific security considerations that need to addressed when moving from monolith to micro-service, how to address them and the challenges you might encounter on the way.

Security Requirements and Threat Assessment (1 day, foundation level)

Using hands on exercises, simulations and debate, learn how to build security into software and identify threats from idea through to deployment.