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Build Secure.

We bring security skills to all application development life-cycles, enabling our engineering teams to build secure by default.


Our Mission

Application security is crucial to our online safety. At SafeStack Training we believe that to protect our people, data and systems online we must all play a part and security must be integrated with every part of our development life-cycles.

Our mission is to empower all members of our software engineering teams to bring security practices with them into every project, every story and every application we build.


Our Approach

At SafeStack Training, we specialize in application security and helping development teams produce high quality, secure software at speed.

Our courses, materials and approaches focus on modern engineering practices and are updated frequently.

To keep it short and simple, we combine 3 core approaches to create world class secure development and application security education.

That’s it. Simple



Globally recognized trainers

Our trainers are international conference speakers and published authors in their fields.



Interactive labs and exercises

Cloud based interactive lab environments and hands on exercises that get you practicing your skills early.



Up-to-date and engaging material

Our training materials are updated after every class to keep them fresh and relevent to a changing world.


Our Courses

SafeStack Training specializes in bringing security skills to all parts of our application development community. From first steps, to technical deep dives… we have a range of courses to suit every role and part of our development life-cycles.


Developers and devops

Whatever your background and whatever your language of choice, security is an essential skill for your development practice.

From foundation skills to deep dives into modern approaches and software architectures, SafeStack Training has you covered.

Analysts and architects

Secure software starts long before we write a line of code. From capturing requirements to understanding the threats posed to your application architecture, we have many opportunities to prevent vulnerability before it is created.


The guardians of quality, our testers are essential to the creation of high quality, functional software.

From automation testers to application explorers, bringing security skills to your world helps keep us all safer online.

Security managers and engineers

Scaling security across our development life-cycles is crucial but can be daunting. Learn more about your engineering teams, their cultures and concerns whilst improving your application security skills with a SafeStack Training course.


Get Started

Whatever your situation, company size or experience, SafeStack Training has a range of courses and options to suit your needs. Get in touch, we’d love to talk.


private courses and programs

Need a private course? From a one off course to an ongoing training program, we can help.

Public Courses

Want to train your team but only need a few seats? Our public classes are perfect for you.

Virtual and in-person coaching

Looking to build on your skills on-the-job? Talk to our team about virtual and in-person coaching options.